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Monday, June 4, 2012

I would just like to start off by saying Happy Birthday Mom! Everyone in my district also wishes you a happy birthday.

Its funny thinking that a year ago I graduated from high school. Sounds like "drama" is living up to its name. Personally I think the Sound of Music is much better than Cinderella anyways.

Well everything here has been going really well. Last week for p-day we went to this place called Round 1 they have bowling and a bunch of different sports you can play. It was a lot of fun. I also had real legit sushi for the first time. It wasn't bad but definitely not one of my favorite things. I think it was mainly the texture that got to me. Speaking of food when I first got here I could barely eat anything but now I can't stop eating. I've gained a little more then ten pounds since I left and most of it was gained after coming to Japan. Elder Everett says its because he is from the South.

One funny thing that happened this week was we were standing outside of this house saying a prayer and this older lady walks out in the middle of our prayer. It was really awkward because she was surprised and we didn't know what to do so we just kept praying. We did talk to her but she was in a hurry out the door. During this past week though we have been having a lot of success with the less active members. Yesterday we had six of them come to church. It was great seeing them there having a good time. They really have to overcome a lot of different problems and challenges they're facing. Its amazing to see how the church really does help everyone.

Some other news we have is this week is transfers so who knows I may or may not be in Oita next week. This transfer has gone by really fast. So much has happened we have seen miracles, come closer to Christ, learned lessons, and helped change lives. Life as a missionary is so great. It can be tough at times but we can always receive the help we need from our Heavenly Father. There is no better way to serve Him then by serving our brothers and sisters here.私は神様と御父の子供の皆のために伝道しております。I love you all so very much and keep you in my prayers.

Love Elder Gandy
ギャンディ 長老

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