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Monday, August 19, 2013

August 18, 2013

Dear Family,
Thanks for the e-mail it sounds like everything is going great and that the Yuzawa group had a good time. I`m a little jealous of the grits and eggs because I don`t think you can buy grits over here. 

Well things here have been going really well. To answer some of your questions about Miyako there are about 10 active members here. It is probably one of the smallest branches in the mission. Our church is on the first floor under someone's house. So it is pretty different than most of my other areas. 

This last week we actually had a companion exchange with some of the other elders in our district. So in order that we could do the exchange we had to get on a plane and fly to a different island. We went and worked with the elders in Ishigaki. As we were about to go over there our plane got canceled because of bad weather. So we ended up taking a detour. We flew to Okinawa and from there flew to Ishigaki so it took more time than we wanted it to. However it was a fun time and we saw so many miracles. We found a couple of great people that said they would come to English class there which is awesome because they have been trying to start it up for a while now. 

At the end of the exchange we came back to Miyako on a really small plane. The plane fits around 40 people at max but there were only about 20 on it. So that was a new and exciting experience. It is only about a 30 minute plane ride from there to here. This transfer I have been on so many planes that it is kind of hard to believe. 

We also had our stake conference here so we got to watch it online. This week we are also going to be moving into our new apartment which is kind of exciting. Some new missionaries should be coming to Miyakojima as well in a couple of weeks. The mission is definitely increasing in size which is super exciting. Well I love you all so very much.

Elder Joseph Gandy

P.S. Some elders in our district just met a kid that came back from an exchange program in Utah who said he wants to learn more about the church and go to BYU for college. It's interesting the many different ways people are prepared to receive the gospel.

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