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Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear Family,

I like in your e-mail about how you had to do a bunch of small projects around the house and how much it changed everything after you finished them. Recently I have been thinking about goals in that same sense. We really need to take small steps in order to achieve the great things. When we break it all down it makes it seem so much more possible to accomplish. One situation I relate it to is the hill I have to ride up to get to the church. I always use the light poles as goals. I keep telling myself ok just make it to the next pole. Alright I can keep going make it to the next one. There are also times when we will fall down or things slow down but if we keep going we will get to the top.

Everything has been going pretty well here in Oita. We keep doing our best to share the gospel and really just help people draw closer to Christ. Japanese is definitely coming a lot easier right now. It seemed like I had just been staying on the same level for a while but now I can say more. It is fun learning a new language. There are times when some people switch back and forth between english and japanese and my brain doesn't register that they have switched the language. So now I understand what people are saying most of the time when its simple japanese or it is gospel related.

Something cool that I got to do this week was my pantomime Mission to Mars. I remember before leaving on my mission you kept telling me to use my talents and to keep practicing that pantomime. I always thought "What? When on my mission would I ever do that." But sure enough I did. It was during our english class that I had that chance. We used it with our spiritual thought about how actions speak louder than words. They all really enjoyed it and want me to do it again. Like body language is a universal language, the spirit can also testify to everyone.

I learned a lot about relying on the spirit this week. Sometimes people will think the spirit will just tell them what to do right then and there but most of the time we have to act and then it will come and help. As a missionary we have to rely on the spirit to know where to go, what to do, what to say, and how we can help people. It is something we keep thinking about and praying for so we can best use our time and be led to the people who are being prepared to receive the gospel.

One miracle that happened this week was yesterday. We received a call from this lady asking us if the Mormons and Latter Day Saints were the same church. We told her yes and then she told us how she had been baptized 40 years earlier but couldn't find the church when she moved to Oita 20 years ago. She also said she saw our church building several times and wondered who went there. So now she will be coming to church next Sunday. Its a miracle that she got our number and contacted us. The message we shared with a lot with people this week was how important families are. Its so great. I love sharing that message. I'm so grateful for each of you back home and all that you have done for me. I love you all so much and keep you in my prayers.

Love, Elder Gandy

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