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Monday, April 2, 2012

March 30, 2012

Dear Family,

This week has been great. So earlier this week one elder in my zone showed me how to make a ramen burrito. It's amazing. So how you make it is you crush up the ramen and put some hot water in the bag and mix the flavoring in with it. You let the noodles soak it up until it's soft. Then you get as much juice out as possible. After that you squish it all together and put some heavy books on top of it and let it sit for ten minutes or so.

It was also an elder in my district's birthday earlier this week so we celebrated with cake and everything. We get along really well, not only in my district but in the zone as well.

This week I learned a lot about faith and the power of words. Faith is an essential part of the gospel. That should be the very first thing we need to help our investigators develop. Once they have faith in Christ and his atonement then everything else comes so much easier. That's why faith is the first principle of the gospel. I also learned that the word of God has a greater effect on people. We have a great opportunity to listen to his word through his servants this weekend. Since I have been here I've noticed how great an effect the spirit has on people. When we teach lessons I notice that the best and strongest point is when we share experiences and share our testimonies with them.

I love being here and I love everyone back at home and will be praying for you always.

Elder Gandy

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