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Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15, 2013

Dear Family,

Thanks for the e-mail I haven`t been in touch with too many friends recently. Except for Mikey who sounds like he is doing great. I`m glad to hear about how well Kyle and Braden are doing as well. In fact something interesting happened the other day. A member from Okinawa came down and when he met me asked if I had an older brother who served in Sapporo. Daniel would probably remember him as Fukuyama Chourou. He was a bean and Daniel was his zone leader. I asked if he knew Braden as well and he told me that he was Braden`s zone leader when Braden first came into the mission. It really is funny to have small connections like that and I`m sure it will be a lot of fun to speak in Japanese when we get back. 

As for this last week we spent a good amount of time finding and found a large number of new investigators. As a district we found 12 new investigators and also have a lot of really good potential investigators. It has been so much fun with another set of Elders.  We actually have been seeing some great success and with it being such a small island I`m surprised that we don`t run into each other that often. 

This last week a couple from the stake presidency came down to help us with our work. They will be leaving in a few days but after that a couple missionary is coming down. I`m super excited to be working with them and to have their help. I feel like the mission is really trying to strengthen the smaller branches so they`re sending in as much help as they can. We have been doing our best to work with the members and branch president. I believe that the work here is just going to keep accelerating faster and faster. 

I love every minute out here and hope that we will be able to help some of God`s children. I love you all so very much.

Love, Elder Joseph Gandy

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