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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Note from Gayleen

In Joseph's last e-mail he suggested that I sign up with ldsmissionarymoms.com. Actually it was a suggestion he passed on from his companion's mother. After I signed up I was really excited to receive an e-mail from her. She sent me the following paragraph that her son wrote about working with Joseph. I thought you would all enjoy reading it. This is what Elder Everett wrote:

So Wednesday, after a long day of wondering who in the world I'm going to be with I finally learned that my next companion for the next 6 weeks, at least, is Elder Gandy (pronounced Gyandy, which in Japanese sounds very much like candy), from West Valley Utah. He is a brand new missionary, fresh out of the MTC (so fresh that he was actually in the MTC choir at the Saturday Afternoon session of General conference.... I know; I found him!) and full of what we call here, "Dendo Fire" or, a desire to work. I really don't know what it is, but in the past 5 days we've really seen at least a miracle a day! New investigators that magically speaks English so that Elder Gandy can bear his testimony to them, self-referrals that come to church asking if they can join, running into a member randomly on the street and getting invited to dinner the next day, getting in contact with a less active member for the first time in over a year, or the investigator who finally got her job to give her a break to come to church; we really have just seen a ton of miracles every day.

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