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Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012

Dear Family,

Hey everything is going great. Its crazy that it has only been a week or so because so much has happened. Last p-day we had an activity with the ward where we played a bunch of different games. I also had nato for the first time and it wasn't all that bad. It did have a funny aftertaste though. Speaking of food we made a chicken pot pie but we used pancake mix for the crust and it was actually really good.

So my companion asked me to give him a haircut this week and lets just say it my be the first and last time I give a haircut. I actually got it pretty even all the way around his head but there might be one small bald spot. This week I also had my first district meeting and we have to do it by phone because we are too far away from the others but it was still great.

On friday I got to go to the temple and do a couple of sessions. It was great because I had headphones for the english translation but I did understand a little bit of the japanese. While we were there we stopped by the mission home and talked with the missionaries there. Oh so by the way I'm the a.p.'s grandson. So when you're a trainer you become a father so my trainer's dad is the a.p. It is actually kind of funny how much english I'm still using. We have a couple of ward members that don't know any japanese. There is also a college close by that has a lot foreigners there.

One of the most exciting things coming up is that we have a baptism set for the 20th. Its so amazing to see people want to come closer to Christ through receiving baptism. Earlier this week we had one of the most amazing experiences. So while we were out streeting I went up to an older gentleman and asked if we could just talk to him but totally messed it up. It was alright because Elder Everett saved me. So we started talking to him and he wasn't really interested but he told us to come and have some hot chocolate with him. We went to an american style restaurant called joyfull. While there we found out that he liked to see young people working hard and trying to help others to become happy. That is also a way to receive happiness is by seeing others and helping others to just smile. He also asked me to practice teaching him a lesson in japanese but it wasn't very good. At the end of talking to him he told us that if we ever needed any help to just call him. Then as he left he paid the waitress to give us a meal. It was amazing to see a complete stranger be so generous. We hope to contact him again soon so that I can "practice" teaching him again. Missionary work is amazing. It's great to be here in Japan serving. I love you all!

Love, Elder Joseph Gandy

Elder Gandy and his companion, Elder Everett.

The church in Oita.

As far as the eye can see is only a fourth of my area, if that.

Joseph in the MTC eating a "ramen burrito."

Elder Gandy in the MTC with Elder Wiscombe and Elder Fish.

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