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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Family,

That is some amazing news. Its super exciting that now people can go on missions sooner. I got to watch just that little section online and was completely blown away when I heard. My first thought was Joshua just turned 18. That is pretty cool(Happy Birthday by the way). Then I was like why didn't they do this a year ago but soon realized that was alright because I'm glad I left when I did. There were people that I needed to meet and I came just when I needed to. I have had some amazing experiences since then. That is so awesome though because missionary work is the best. It has helped me grow so much. I enjoy serving the Lord by helping my fellow brothers and sisters especially here in Japan.

This last week has gone by really fast. We have two amazing investigators right now. It has been a great experience teaching them. Yesterday one them told us that she knows it is true but wants to learn just a little bit more before getting baptized. The work is really moving along. This past week we also got asked by the Bishop if we would come over to his house for dinner and teach his son who is getting baptized this week. It was a lot of fun we came up with different activities to do to help him understand the spirit. Then another thing we did was visit this older couple who it is hard for them to get around. It was a really nice visit they pulled out their photo albums and we looked at the old pictures they had of everyone in the ward. It was a lot of fun and great to see them smiling and having a good time. I love the ward here they are all so amazing. I have learned so much and have seen miracles its great the work that the Lord has in store for all of us. I love you all so very much.

Love Elder Gandy

P.S. They are making a little change so at the end of every transfer we will be e-mailing on tuesday. But that won't be for another six weeks.

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